My Car Sounds Like a Helicopter: 3 Reasons Why

Does your car sound a bit more like it should be flying through the air, not cruising down the road? It can be alarming when your car suddenly sounds different than usual, especially if it reminds you of a helicopter or airplane. When this happens, you’re probably wondering what car repair you’ll have to deal with now and just how much it’s going to cost you. There are three common causes for a car that sounds like a helicopter, and some are much simpler to fix than others.

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You Have a Loose Tire

One simple possibility is that you have a loose tire. While this is easy to fix, it can also be dangerous to ignore, so it’s a good idea to have a technician take a look as soon as possible. The reason this can cause your car to drive louder than usual is due to the changed and uneven motion of your tires against the surface of the road. Especially if you recently had your tires changed or rotated, this could be the cause behind your car sounding like a helicopter.

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You Can Also Check Your Tires & Tire Pressure

Proper tire inflation is also important for your car’s health. If your tire pressure is lower than it should be, it can cause extra noise. Not only that, but it also causes extra wear on your tires, meaning you may need to replace them sooner. Finally, if you just replaced your tires and started noticing your car driving louder than usual, it could be the new tires. Some tires drive louder than others because of their design.

There’s a Problem with Your Brakes or Wheel Bearings

A number of brake problems can cause a helicopter-like sound while driving, including a warped caliper or rotor, issues with the parking brake, or just a bad brake. You can do a visual check on your brakes yourself but it’s best left to a technician to diagnose a necessary brake repair. It’s also possible your wheel bearings are failing, causing extra noise while driving. If this is the case, the sound will get louder as you accelerate and you should make an appointment with your technician to have it repaired.

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Seals on Your Wheel Bearings Keep Out Water and Debris

Your car’s wheel bearings are there to allow your wheels to spin with little friction. To work properly, most wheel bearings have seals that keep out water and debris and keep in grease to keep them operating well. When those seals break, your wheel bearings will fail and you’ll notice increased sound while driving. This can also cause uneven wear on your tires, so it’s best to have it taken care of soon.

There’s a Leak in Your Exhaust System

Another common cause for your car sounding like a helicopter or airplane while driving is a leak in the exhaust system. Your exhaust system is meant to carry harmful fumes out of the engine, through a contained system, and away from your car. If a crack or leak develops in your exhaust system, it can cause extra noise while driving your car. Because it can be tricky to find leaks, it’s best to trust a technician with any necessary exhaust repairs.

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Exhaust Leaks Can Be a Safety Risk for You, Too

Not only can exhaust leaks cause your car to run loud, but they can also pose a safety risk to you while driving. Exhaust fumes can be very harmful when regularly inhaled, so if you notice any strange smells in the cabin of your car alongside the extra noise, it could mean exhaust fumes are making their way inside. It’s important to have a trusted technician diagnose and carry out any necessary exhaust repair, especially if you notice strange smells.

When You’re Worried About Your Car, Trust Our AAMCO Technicians

Your car shouldn’t sound like a helicopter. If you’re having trouble with your car running loud, any changes in drivability, or strange smells, it’s important to have a technician inspect your car for any necessary repairs. At AAMCO, we include a complimentary multi-point inspection with every service, so you can leave assured all systems in your car are working their best.

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