Which Air Conditioning Service Does Your Car Need?

At the height of summer, you want to be sure your car’s air conditioning works its best. When you start noticing problems with your car’s AC system, you may wonder what AC repair you have in store and whether it’ll be a simple fix or could be costly. Several common AC repairs present different symptoms, so you may get an idea of what’s going on with your car just by paying attention to which symptoms you notice. If it’s time for an AC repair, pay a visit to your local AAMCO Boardman mechanics and we’ll help restore your cool ride.

The Air Coming from Your Car’s Vents isn’t Cold

When you turn on your car’s AC, you want to feel cold air coming from your vents as soon as possible. If that just doesn’t happen, it’s a sure sign you need to schedule an air conditioning service with your mechanic. More specifically, you’re probably low on refrigerant, which is important to the process of chilling the air that’s sent into the cabin of your car.

If Your Car’s Not Cool, You May Have a Refrigerant Leak

Schedule an AC inspection service with your mechanic so they can diagnose any possible refrigerant leaks. If the air coming out of your vents isn’t cool at all or is hot, your car’s AC system is likely very low on refrigerant and is unable to chill the air before it’s sent through the vents. Your mechanic will have to find the source of the leak and repair it before refilling the AC system with refrigerant.

Air Coming from Your Car’s Vents is Cool but Not Cold

Along the same vein, you may notice that the air coming from your car’s vents is cool but not cold when the AC is turned on. While this implies your car’s AC system is partially doing its job, it’s still an indication that you should schedule an AC service soon. With this symptom, there are a couple of possible AC services your car may need.

You May Have a Faulty Condenser that Needs to Be Replaced

One possibility is that you have a problem with your car’s condenser. It’s inside the condenser that refrigerant in a gaseous state is chilled and restored to a liquid state. If this process isn’t happening as it should, whether due to a blocked or failing condenser, it can lead to not-quite-cold air coming from your car’s vents.

On the Other Hand, You May Need an AC Recharge Service

It’s possible a simple AC recharge service will also restore your car’s air conditioning to its full chill. If refrigerant levels are slightly low, it can limit your car’s AC system’s ability to fully chill air before it’s sent to the cabin of your car. Let your mechanic carry out an AC recharge service and see if you notice colder air coming from the vents.

Your Car’s Air Conditioning Smells Musty

No one wants the air coming into the cabin of their car to smell like dirty socks. If you notice a musty smell when you turn on the AC, it could indicate there’s a buildup of bacteria in the system that needs to be taken care of. While this can be a result of not using the AC often, much of the troublesome accumulation is likely on the air filter.

You May Need an Air Filter Replacement

Schedule an AC service with your mechanic to have a new air filter installed. This should help get rid of the excess bacteria in the system and remove the musty scent. It’s normal for dirt, moisture, and other contaminants to accumulate on the air filter with time and this is a simple AC service for your mechanic to carry out for you.

There’s No Air Coming from Your Car’s Vents

One of the trickiest AC problems to diagnose is simply having no air coming from your vents. This could point to a number of problems with your car’s AC system, including a blown fuse, faulty blower motor, blocked intake, or worn belts and hoses. A mechanic will have to inspect your car’s AC system to find the cause behind your problem.

A Trusted Mechanic Should Inspect Your Car’s AC System

Schedule an appointment with your mechanic for AC system diagnostics so they can inspect all parts in your car’s AC system. No matter what’s blocking air from coming out of your car’s vents, your mechanic should be able to diagnose and repair the AC system for you.

Trust AAMCO Boardman’s Car AC Repair Services

Whether it’s time for regular AC maintenance or there’s a larger problem with your car’s AC system, the mechanics at your local AAMCO Boardman auto repair shop are here to help. We’ll accurately diagnose and repair anything your car needs to restore its optimal performance. Give us a call today or easily schedule your appointment with us online.

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