Transmission Fluid Service in Boardman, OH

Transmission Flushes & Fluid Replacements at AAMCO

AAMCO Boardman, OH offers manual and automatic transmission fluid exchanges. During a transmission fluid exchange, our automotive service professionals will remove virtually all the old transmission fluid and replenish it with new transmission fluid. The transmission fluid exchange process differs between an automatic and manual transmission, but the end result is the same: a more efficient transmission, better fuel economy and the avoidance of transmission repairs caused by neglected transmission fluids.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Image of AAMCO Mechanic working on a TransmissionLike an oil change for your transmission, help optimize performance and longevity of this key system with a visit to AAMCO for a transmission fluid exchange. Our expert technicians remove the used fluid and replaces it with new transmission fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications. Transmission fluid helps lubricate, cool and clean internal components of the transmission. It also helps maintain the hydraulic pressure necessary for the transmission to function properly.

AAMCO Transmission Fluid Change & Maintenance Service

AAMCO also offers a low-cost Safeguard transmission fluid change as well. Let AAMCO’s transmission experts help keep your transmission properly maintained to factory recommendations to help prolong its life. Like all AAMCO Transmission Maintenance Services, our Safeguard® service begins with a complete Transmission Multi-Point Vehicle Courtesy Check to spot any potential problems.

AAMCO Power Purge® Fluid Flush Service

Power Purge® is a proprietary process that replaces virtually all of the old, degraded transmission fluid with fresh fluid to help prolong the life of your transmission. Low transmission fluid or fluid that is burned, old, worn out, and ineffective might be the culprit. Call your local AAMCO transmission experts to book an appointment for a complete courtesy vehicle check. We’ll check the transmission and all related systems, diagnose the cause of the problem, and inform you of your options. Many times, a Power Purge service is all that is needed to thoroughly flush the transmission of all the old, dirty fluid and put in fresh, new fluid to get your transmission running right again.

What Does the AAMCO Power Purge® Service Include?

AAMCO’s exclusive Power Purge® and Power Purge® Plus Transmission Flush (Fluid Exchange) services are the most comprehensive transmission maintenance services available anywhere. It’s the service that is designed to replace virtually all of the old, degraded transmission fluid with fresh fluid to help prolong the life of your transmission.

Much more than just a simple fluid drain from the transmission pan, our expert transmission technicians check and then exchange virtually all of the old fluid from your transmission system using our state of the art and patented Power Purge® equipment.

  • A complete Transmission Multi Point Vehicle Courtesy Check for your transmission and related systems.
  • Exchange of virtually all of the old transmission fluid – including the torque converter and cooler. Other basic transmission fluid changes can leave up to 30% of old fluid in the torque converter and cooler. AAMCO’s Power Purge® fluid exchange services removes dirty, gritty and worn out, ineffective fluid that can harm your transmission.
  • A complete refill with fresh, clean transmission fluid.
  • A thorough test drive and check for leaks.

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