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When it comes to your diesel truck, it takes a lot to keep it running at its full potential. From basic services like brakes and tires, to more complex needs like glow plugs and fuel filters, Diesel Repair & Performance works hard to make sure that you get the right service for your vehicle.

Diesel Engine Tune-ups, Diesel Component Replacement, Diesel Engine Cleaning

In a diesel vehicle, the internal combustion engine is slightly different. Instead of relying on a spark plug to ignite the gasoline fuel, the diesel internal combustion engine instead uses an increased amount of compression. This is known as “compression ignition” rather than the more familiar “spark ignition” seen in standard engines.

Our goal is to give you a reliable diesel repair in Boardman, OH for your car or light truck. If you need Diesel truck maintenance, including oil changes to keep your truck running at peak efficiency, bring your vehicle in today!

Light-Duty Diesel Truck Repair

Is your diesel truck broken down, and in need of repair? Timely breakdowns can put you and your business out of commission. Whether it’s a Dodge Ram Pickup with a Cummins or Ford Pickup with a Powerstroke. Be confident that our specialists have the training and tooling necessary and will work as quickly as possible to get you back moving again.

Signs That You Need Diesel Repair Service in Boardman, OH

When it comes to a gas-powered and a diesel SUV, car or truck, they’re worlds apart. For your vehicle’s specific needs, AAMCO knows all the typical issues you might encounter and more importantly, the common diesel repair work needed to get you back on the road.

  • Black Exhaust – Black smoke is a sign that the air to fuel ratio is off. We’ll check fuel injectors, as well as the high-pressure pump, air filter, EGR valve and more to pinpoint and repair the issue.
  • Won’t Start – If your Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado or Ford Super Duty won’t turn over (especially in cold weather), we’ll see if the glow plugs have gone bad and provide the diesel repair needed.
  • Loss of Power – Acceleration issues could point to the fuel system. At our diesel auto repair shop, we’ll check for plugged fuel injectors, a failing fuel pump, and other potential causes.


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