Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Is Your Transmission Having Trouble?

Leave the shaking, rattling, and rolling to musicians. When it comes to your transmission, changes in sounds or how your car feels while running are a signal you may need to schedule a transmission service soon. If you notice any of these sounds or feelings from your car while driving, it’s time to schedule an auto repair appointment with your trusted mechanics at AAMCO Boardman. 

Listen Up

Any new sounds that start up while your car is running is a reason to pause. However, there are a few sounds in particular that can point to transmission trouble over a different car repair. If you notice any of these sounds, let your mechanic know when you bring your car in so they have an idea of where to start looking while diagnosing a necessary repair.

When You Need Transmission Repair, Go to the Best

Our technicians have helped repair and maintain millions of vehicles; this tradition of excellent service has earned us our reputation as the best transmission service experts in the country.


We all know a car shouldn’t clunk. What you may not know is that it most likely points to a problem with your transmission, especially if you drive an automatic transmission. However, if you have a manual transmission, don’t ignore clunking, especially if you notice it while shifting gears. This can be a telltale sign of transmission trouble, alongside more mechanical sounds. No matter what type of transmission you have, clunking sounds while driving or shifting gears are a sign you should make an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible.

image of gears close up

Humming or Whining

Similarly, an automatic transmission that starts humming or whining could be trying to tell you it’s time for some transmission maintenance or a repair. Take a look at your transmission fluid, since low fluid levels can cause transmission whine – and you aren’t necessarily in for an expensive transmission repair with these sounds. It could be as simple as needing a new filter or transmission fluid. At the same time, it’s possible you’re dealing with a more serious transmission repair, so it’s important to have it diagnosed by a mechanic.

Excess Noise in Neutral

Any new or excess noise is a signal you may need a car repair. If this extra noise happens while your car is in neutral, it could point to your engine or transmission. Once you notice extra noise in neutral, you could have low transmission fluid or worn-out bearings or gear teeth. While you can take a look at your transmission fluid to see if that could be the culprit, it’s best to have a mechanic diagnose the underlying problem and carry out any necessary repairs.

Take Note of What You Feel

Aside from strange noises, certain changes in how your car feels while driving can indicate potential transmission trouble. Most of what you’re likely to notice when your transmission is to blame will be when you’re trying to change gears. This is true of both automatic and manual transmissions, so pay attention regardless of which type of car you drive.

Close up of transmission gearbox

Shaking During Gear Shifts

Car shifting into gear but shaking at the same time? It could lead to a major transmission repair. Early on, it may just be a nuisance, but over time, it will cause more and more wear on parts in your transmission. If you have a manual transmission, this could point to a clutch repair, whether just making adjustments and replacing specific parts or possibly replacing the whole thing.

Trouble Getting in Gear

No matter which type of transmission you have, it’s responsible for keeping your car in gear and allowing you to change gears when necessary. If you notice your car won’t go into gear, it’s a sure sign your car is having transmission trouble. Fortunately, one of the most likely culprits is old, low, or incorrect transmission fluid, which can be an easy fix if caught early enough. However, if it isn’t fixed for too long, it can cause serious damage to your transmission. There are also several other potential causes, so it’s best left up to a trusted mechanic to diagnose necessary repairs.

Worried About Your Transmission? Call AAMCO Boardman

The most trusted mechanics in Boardman are at AAMCO. Whether you need regular car maintenance or you’re having trouble with your transmission, schedule your appointment today and let our mechanics get your car back in its best shape. And if you’re concerned about causing more damage by driving your car to the appointment, give your nearest location a call to set up a free towing service. We are here to help, call AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care today at (330)366-8367

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