Why Your Car Pulls Right When Driving

Staying in your lane shouldn’t be tricky. If your car is pulling to one side, it’s an indication there’s a problem with your car. With so many different parts and systems that contribute to keeping your car moving in the right direction, it can be difficult to figure out what is causing your car to pull right. Some related auto repairs are more common than others, but we’ll go over a few possible car repairs you may have to deal with to get your car straightened out again.

It’s Time for a Tire Alignment

One of the most common causes behind your car pulling to one side, whether right or left, is tire alignment. With each speed bump or pothole you drive over, your tires are gradually knocked slightly out of alignment. Over time, this will become noticeable as a pull to one side. You can catch this early by releasing your steering wheel for a few seconds to see whether your car continues straight forward or begins drifting. If allowed to get worse, it can become noticeable during normal driving, too.

Proper Tire Alignment Prevents Pulling and Ensures Even Wear

Every time you get new tires or have your tires rotated, you should have a tire alignment done to ensure they’re angled properly. Depending on your car, you should also plan on having a tire alignment done every year or two even with regular driving, since your car’s tires will come gradually out of alignment from driving and hitting bumps in the road. This will help drivability and prevent uneven tire tread wear from a tire that’s out of alignment.

Uneven Tire Tread or Low Tire Pressure

Notice a tire pressure alert when you started your car? It may surprise you to hear, but that could cause your car to pull to one side. Both uneven tire tread and low tire pressure can make it more difficult to properly steer your car because they impact traction with the road. If you know or suspect one or more of your tires is low on pressure, it’s best to find a place to pull off, check, and fill up with air. Many gas stations offer tire air stations, so if you’re not sure where to go, you can start with the nearest gas station.

Improper Tire Pressure Speeds Up Wear

Low tire pressure, because a greater surface area is touching the road, can speed up tire tread wear. This means low tire pressure that’s left unaddressed will lead to increased – and maybe uneven – tire wear, which can make that pulling sensation you notice even worse. These are both simple car maintenance tasks to keep up with, so it’s best not to put off either one.

Your Steering or Suspension Systems Need Repairs

It may not surprise you that your power steering system may be behind your car’s steering problems. The steering and suspension systems in your car work together to steer and stabilize your car, so it’s possible you will have a problem with one or both of these systems if your car is pulling to the right. These parts will gradually wear out with time and use, so if you’ve had your car for a while, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection with your mechanic to avoid any more major car repairs.

Keep Annual Inspections on Your Calendar to Prevent Surprise Repairs

One of the best ways to prevent major auto repairs is to keep up with regular annual or seasonal inspections. Your suspension and power steering systems may have problems growing that you haven’t noticed yet – or may have just started causing your car to pull to the right while driving. Most car problems are not a big deal when caught early with an inspection.

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