What is a Transmission Reflash and Why Might it Be Needed?

Replace, flush, and…reflash? When it comes to your car’s transmission and regular maintenance services, it’s possible your transmission’s performance problems can be solved with a reflash service. If you’re not familiar with transmission reflash services, you’re not alone. While they mostly impact your car’s computer system, it’s possible for them to fix a number of car problems, from uneven brake wear to poor transmission performance. The mechanics at your local AAMCO Boardman transmission shop can help get your car’s computer system and transmission back in their best working condition.

A Transmission Reflash Might Be Better Named a Reprogramming

Though it helps with transmission health, a reflash service more directly helps your car’s computer system. This then helps several systems in your car operate more smoothly. Modern cars rely increasingly on computer technology and electronic systems to keep even traditionally mechanical systems working their best. When you bring your car in for a transmission reflash service, your mechanic will essentially upgrade the car’s computer system.

Rather Than a Transmission Repair, You May Just Need a Transmission Reflash

The fact of the matter is, when you’re experiencing signs and symptoms you need transmission repair, it’s possible the fix is as simple as a reflash. This is true of other systems in your vehicle, too, including the engine, brakes, and battery. In any case, your mechanic will be able to advise you about the best way to get your car back to operating smoothly.

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What are the Signs You May Need a Reflash Service?

As with many car maintenance and transmission repair services, there are signs you may notice that can indicate a transmission reflash may be necessary. These signs can come from several essential systems in your car, so don’t ignore them when they pop up with your vehicle. Having a reflash service done soon after these symptoms start up can help prevent more serious auto or transmission repairs.

Carbon Buildup in the Engine

If there’s a problem with fuel combustion in your engine’s cylinders, it can cause carbon buildup that can be damaging. While improper fuel combustion can be caused by a number of car problems, one possibility is that you simply need a reflash service. Look out for signs of carbon buildup, including rough idles, hard starts, engine misfires, and poor acceleration or engine performance.

Oil Consumption

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your engine oil, checking its level and condition regularly. If you keep up with this, you may notice your engine oil getting low. While this can indicate an oil leak, it could also be a problem with your car’s computer system – which could be fixed by a reflash service. Don’t jump to conclusions though, have your mechanic inspect your vehicle and diagnose any necessary repairs.

Uneven Brake Wear

Brake problems can come from a number of causes. One possible cause of uneven brake wear is a problem with your car’s computer and ABS system. This can cause the rear brake pads to wear faster than front brake pads. The good news is that this brake problem can be solved by scheduling a reflash service with your mechanic.

Transmission Slipping or Poor Shifting

Transmission trouble got you down? Symptoms like slipping gears, poor accelerating or shifting, and difficulty shifting can mean your car needs a transmission repair – or it can simply point to a transmission reflash service. Resetting your car’s computer system can help get your transmission back in order by recalibrating key parts of your transmission, including the operation of solenoids and gears.

Drained Battery

Frequent dead batteries are frustrating. It’s possible you have a weak or dead car battery, but it’s also possible your car’s computer system is to blame. Many modern cars don’t fully shut off all systems when you turn off the ignition and leave your car parked. While this is normal, it’s possible for more systems to intermittently turn on when they shouldn’t, draining the battery. A reflash service should help keep your car’s battery charged overnight.

From Transmission Repairs to Reflash Services, AAMCO Has You Covered

Regarding total car care and regular car maintenance, the mechanics at your local AAMCO have you covered. You can help extend the life of your vehicle and minimize frustration from performance issues by having our mechanics inspect and diagnose any service or repair your car may need. Give us a call or easily schedule your appointment online.

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