Is a Transmission Stop Leak Product a Good Option?

At the first sign of transmission trouble, your first thought may be to do whatever possible to avoid a major transmission repair. And we don’t blame you! If you’ve heard of transmission stop leak products and find you’re dealing with a transmission fluid leak, you may turn there first, before heading to a mechanic. Is that the right decision? In this article, we’ll look at why transmission stop leak products may or may not be a good idea, but in any case, having a mechanic inspect your vehicle for any needed transmission repairs is always your safest option.

Using Transmission Stop Leak Products Shouldn’t Hurt Your Transmission

Depending on your car’s situation, transmission stop leak products may be a good temporary solution. If you have a minor transmission fluid leak that hasn’t grown to cause more serious symptoms, transmission stop leak products may help slow the leak. This means it can prevent you from dealing with an urgent, immediate transmission repair.

Only Use Transmission Stop Leak in Moderation

If you do choose to use a transmission stop leak product, it should only be in moderation. This is because it will coat all parts inside the transmission, not just those that are causing the leak. While this isn’t likely to cause problems when just used once, if you continue to use transmission stop leak products and it doesn’t help the leak, you may risk causing swelling and damage of other parts in your transmission, leading to bigger transmission repairs in the end.

It Should Be Used as a Temporary Solution, Not a Substitute for Transmission Repair

As a temporary solution, using a transmission stop leak product can be effective. However, anytime you’re dealing with a transmission leak, the underlying problem will eventually need to be dealt with. This means a trip to your mechanic for diagnostics and repairs. It’s important to have the underlying problem fixed before it grows into a much more serious transmission repair.

What are the Signs You Have a Transmission Fluid Leak?

The first step in determining whether a transmission stop leak may help your vehicle is to look for any signs of a transmission leak – and how serious it looks. Pay attention to these few signs of a transmission leak and keep in mind that the more serious your transmission fluid leak, the less likely it is transmission stop leak products will help you.

Leaky Fluid Under Your Car

Take a peek at the underside of your car. It can be tricky to diagnose which car fluid is leaking just by looking at the surface under your parked car, but if you notice signs of any fluid leak, it’s a sign you should inspect your car fluids. To be sure you’re dealing with a transmission fluid leak, you’ll have to do more than just look underneath your car, but this can be one of the first signs you see.

Low Transmission Fluid Levels

Next, check your transmission fluid levels. There should be a dipstick similar to what you use to check the engine oil level. Use that to inspect the level and condition of your transmission fluid. If it looks like your car’s transmission fluid is low, that’s a good indication that you’re dealing with a transmission leak that should be inspected by a trusted mechanic. Using a transmission stop leak product or topping off your transmission fluid can be a good temporary solution, but you likely still have a transmission repair on the horizon.

Man pouring transmission fluid through funnel into car

Poor Transmission Performance

Aside from the two above methods, you may notice transmission performance problems if your transmission fluid is low from a leak. A slipping transmission, difficulty shifting gears, halting gear shifts, and inability to shift gears can all signal a transmission fluid leak – as well as other transmission problems. If you notice any of these symptoms, you can check your transmission fluid level and top off if it’s low, but you should also have a mechanic run diagnostics soon to prevent more serious repairs.

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