Common Types of Transmissions & Which Might Be Right for You

When it comes to choosing the right car, knowing what type of transmission you want is an important factor. Manufacturers are always improving transmissions used in their vehicles, including engineering new types of transmissions that are increasingly efficient. These days, there are two main types of transmissions you may run into and each has its pros and cons, depending on your preferences.

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Automatic Transmissions are the Most Common on the Road Today

If you’re car shopping, you’re likely to see a lot of options when it comes to automatic transmission cars. This is partly due to popularity, but also an increase in the quality of automatic transmissions that are manufactured. While transmissions always vary somewhat from one car to the next, automatic transmissions tend to rank high in both convenience and efficiency.

How Do They Work?

When driving an automatic transmission vehicle, all you do as the driver is shift between Drive and Reverse, then your car’s computer system and sensors tell the transmission the proper gear ratio. Many modern automatic transmissions are six-speed and will shift automatically as the car accelerates or slows down.

What are the Pros of Automatic Transmission Vehicles?

One of the biggest advantages of an automatic transmission for many drivers is the convenience and ease of the driving experience. They also tend to be more fuel efficient than some other types of transmissions, though this will still vary from car to car. Finally, automatic transmissions tend to be more affordable and are easier to find on the market in general, meaning you have more options when car shopping.

What are the Cons of Automatic Transmission Vehicles?

While some drivers love the convenience of not manually shifting gears, others see this as a con. This is because the driver has less control over how much power the car has, which can make it difficult to drive in snowy conditions where you may prefer to stay in a lower gear for power, despite moving at a faster speed.

Manual Transmissions Still Have Their Market

Just a decade or two ago, manual transmissions were the most common and popular type of transmission. While they’re now harder to find in new cars, they still retain their market with many drivers preferring the driving experience with manual transmissions.

How Do They Work?

In addition to the gas and brake pedals, manual transmission vehicles have a clutch pedal. When the clutch pedal is depressed, it disengages the clutch, allowing for a gear change. Once the pedal is lifted again, the clutch is re-engaged and power is again transferred to the transmission. The gear is determined by the gear shift. These are all controlled by the driver so the desired power, acceleration, and speed are available.

What are the Pros of Manual Transmission Vehicles?

For many drivers, the main benefit of a manual transmission vehicle is control over the car’s power at any given time. Since the driver is responsible for shifting gears manually, you can shift down for more power or up for more speed, depending on your surroundings. Many manual transmissions are also considered to be more long-lasting because they’re more mechanical than electrical. This means their maintenance and repairs may cost you less overall.

What are the Cons of Manual Transmission Vehicles?

Again, personal preference means that shifting gears manually can feel like a hassle to some drivers, especially in city traffic. For drivers who are new to manual transmissions, there’s also a learning curve that can be especially tricky for some people. Finally, they tend to be more difficult to find in new cars, since many manufacturers are placing a higher priority on automatic transmission vehicles.

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