5 Minute Guide to the Real Benefits of a Tire Rotation

Engine, transmission, brakes and tires – with all the parts and systems in your car, you may wonder how much your car really benefits from regular maintenance services. We’re here to fill you in on the benefits of regular tire rotations and tire alignments. These tire maintenance services can often go ignored for too long, resulting in a shorter lifespan for your car’s tires, poor performance while driving, and even safety issues.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a tire rotation service done on your car, pay a visit to your local AAMCO Boardman auto repair shop and our expert mechanics will help ensure you get the best performance and longest life out of your tires.

What Happens During a Tire Rotation Service?Tire store boardman oh

During a routine tire rotation service, your mechanic will swap the front and rear tires so that all four tires wear as evenly as possible. After this, your mechanic will ensure all of your tires are properly aligned and balanced for optimal performance. They’ll also take time to do a full inspection of related parts of your car’s suspension system to catch any signs of wear or damage that could signal you need a suspension repair.

In general, it’s recommended that you schedule a tire rotation every 6,000-12,000 miles, though your owner’s manual should give specific recommendations from your car’s manufacturer.

Tire Rotations Help Extend the Life of Your Car’s Tires

One of the biggest benefits of regular tire rotation services is that they help extend the life of your tires. Buying a new set of tires isn’t cheap and driving on worn tires can mean poor performance, as well as possible safety issues. It’s beneficial on a number of levels to keep your tires as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Prevent Uneven Tire Tread that Can Quickly Wear Out Your Tires

Depending on their position, your car’s tires will wear somewhat differently. The wear pattern on your front tires will differ from the rear tires and the same goes for driver side vs passenger side. By keeping up with regular tire rotations, you allow your mechanic to rotate your tires to a new position that will allow all four to wear as evenly as possible. This prevents you from having to replace some tires more often than others – or having to replace all of your tires too frequently.

Experience Better Performance Each Time You Drive Your Car

Not only does even tire wear save you money in the long run, it also has an impact on the performance of your car. That means that regular tire rotations will help keep your car at optimal performance each time you drive. Turning corners and driving in inclement weather will all be easier with regular tire rotations and well-aligned tires.

Regular Tire Rotation Services Allow for a Smoother & More Responsive Ride

Performance issues you may notice from tires that are overdue for a tire rotation or alignment can range from no big deal to a real pain. Tires that are overworn or have uneven wear can have trouble properly gripping the road, leading to skidding turns. From proper handling to necessary traction, your car’s performance will improve after each tire rotation and alignment service.

Tires that are Out of Alignment Can Cause Vibration

Vibration from tires that need to be rotated or aligned can show up in the steering wheel, pedals, or even the whole car. A simple tire rotation and alignment may be able to get rid of this vibration entirely – or it’s possible your mechanic will find another suspension repair that needs to be handled while carrying out the included inspection. In any case, a tire rotation service allows your mechanic to find and fix any performance issues.

Stay Safe on the Road Thanks to Regular Tire Alignments & Rotations

Not only will you save money and enjoy a smoother ride thanks to tire rotation services, but you’ll also stay safer on the road. Many of the performance issues related to misaligned, unbalanced, or unevenly worn tires can also lead to safety problems while driving.

You’re Less Likely to Experience a Blowout with Regular Tire Rotations

While there are other factors that also can lead to blowouts, uneven tire wear can increase your risk dramatically. If one of your tires becomes over-worn or has a bald spot from being unbalanced or not being rotated, that tire or part of a tire is at a much higher risk of blowout if its pressure becomes too high. It’s also possible it simply may wear through while you’re cruising down the highway, which is risky for you and the drivers around you.

Healthy Tires Help Keep You Safer on the Road in All Kinds of Situations

Regular tire rotations help even out tire wear and allow your mechanic a chance to determine whether all of your tires have proper tread. Driving with tires that are overworn means you likely don’t have the traction you need, which is even more important in rainy or snowy conditions, as well as when turning corners. Ensuring all of your tires have proper tread and are well-aligned will help keep you safer on the road in any condition.

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