5 Common Things that May Cause a Whistling Sound in Car While Driving

Ever heard the phrase “whistle while you work”? Well, that shouldn’t apply to your car. When you start hearing a whistling sound while driving your car, it’s a sign there may be a car repair that should be handled by a trusted mechanic. Related car repairs may be simple, especially when caught early on, though many can easily escalate if ignored for too long. If your car whistles, pay a visit to your local AAMCO Boardman’s mechanics and we’ll ensure your car gets running smoothly again.

A Vacuum Leak Under the Hood

One of the most common car repairs when your car whistles while driving is a vacuum leak. There are a number of hoses under the hood of your car that work as part of sealed systems. When these hoses wear out, they can develop cracks and leaks that may cause your car to whistle while you drive. Pay attention when you notice a whistling sound and that can help tell you what car repair you’re dealing with.

Take Note of Changes in How Your Vehicle Drives & When Whistling Happens

Whistling from a vacuum leak under the hood of your car will likely start up or get louder as you accelerate. The pressure from air circulating through the engine will force it out of cracks in the hoses, causing the whistling you hear. Any sort of leak, whether air or any type of fluid, is best diagnosed and repaired by a trusted mechanic.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

As fuel makes its way into your car’s engine, it passes through fuel injectors. You may not expect these to ever cause a whistling sound, but as they become dirty over time, it can lead to whistling while you drive. While this whistling may be softer than with some other car repairs, it will be necessary to have your fuel injectors cleaned or replaced to get your car running its best again.

Pay Attention to Problems with Acceleration or the Check Engine Light

If you’re dealing with dirty or faulty fuel injectors, you’ll notice more than just a whistle. You’re likely to also notice weak or inconsistent acceleration and may see your Check Engine Light illuminate on your dashboard. These other symptoms should serve as an extra push to have any car repairs diagnosed by a trusted mechanic.

Worn or Wet Serpentine Belt

serpentine belt auto repair

Your car relies on belts to keep key systems moving and synchronized. One of those belts is the serpentine belt, which impacts parts including your car’s engine, alternator, and water pump. When this belt becomes wet, it can make a whistling sound while your engine is running. However, if the sound persists, you may have a loose or worn serpentine belt.

Trust Your Car’s Diagnosis to a Trusted Mechanic

While you can do a visual check yourself to see if your serpentine belt looks loose, it’s always best to have a trusted mechanic inspect your vehicle when you hear strange sounds. Replacing a serpentine belt before it fails can be a relatively simple car repair. However, if the serpentine belt fails, it can cause more serious car repairs.

Faulty Radiator Cap

Your car’s problem may be part of the cooling system rather than the engine. The radiator pressure cap is important for removing excess heat from coolant. This cap will also wear out over time and may become faulty, leading to a whistling sound. Not only that, but a faulty radiator cap can cause bigger problems for your car’s cooling system.

Look Out for Problems Related to the Cooling System

If your car’s whistling sound is caused by a bad radiator cap, you’re also likely to notice issues with the cooling system. This could mean your car’s engine temperature is running higher than usual. Because the cooling system is so important for a healthy vehicle, it’s essential that you have a mechanic inspect your vehicle for necessary repairs.

Worn Window Seals

That whistle you hear could simply be air sneaking through leaky window seals. Especially if your car is often exposed to harsh, direct sunlight, seals will dry and crack over time. This can allow some of the air blowing past your car while you drive to sneak through those cracks into your car, leading to a whistling sound. Understandably, this whistle will be louder at higher speeds.

Have Your Mechanic Help with This Simple Car Repair

The good news is that if all you need are new window seals, it’s a simple repair that isn’t urgent to take care of. However, it will continue to get worse with time and can allow more than just air to leak into the cabin of your car. Have a trusted mechanic run diagnostics and replace your car’s window seals if necessary.

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