3 Things to Do When Your Warning Indicator Light is On

A warning or check engine light can be transmission trouble and that is no laughing matter. When a warning or check engine light comes on, it may be a shock, but it’s not to be ignored. In general, it’s best to have your vehicle and especially your engine and your transmission inspected as soon as possible once you notice any symptoms of a transmission problem. This helps avoid bigger, most costly transmission repairs. If your transmission light is illuminated, take these three steps to help prevent further damage to your car’s transmission.

Avoid Driving as Much as Possible

First thing’s first – as soon as your transmission light comes on, it’s best to avoid driving as much as possible. Pull off someplace safe so you can let your car rest and check on your transmission. If you’re near your home or an auto repair shop, one of those may be your best option so that you don’t have to drive your car again right away. The key is to not push your car more than necessary once your transmission light is illuminated.

The More You Drive with a Transmission Problem, the Bigger it Will Become

As with other important systems of your car, your warning or check engine light will only continue to become more damaged the more you push it and drive your car. Even simple transmission repairs can be costly, so you want to avoid them snowballing into more serious car repairs. And because all parts of your transmission work so closely together – and closely with your engine – if a problem escalates, it can be bad news in a number of ways.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

One thing you can do to check on your car’s transmission and possibly head off more serious repairs is to check your transmission fluid. Most modern transmissions have a dipstick like you would use to check your engine oil. This can give you an idea about your transmission’s overall health and possibly point to an underlying problem. Plus, if your transmission fluid is low, you can top it off to make it safer to drive your car to an auto repair shop. If you do this, just be sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper type of transmission fluid. Using the wrong type will cause even bigger problems for your car’s transmission.

Low or Dirty Transmission Fluid Can Cause a Host of Problems for Your Transmission

If your transmission fluid is low or dirty, it leaves moving parts under-lubricated. Without proper lubrication, those parts will have extra wear and damage just from carrying out their purpose in your car’s transmission. Additionally, having low transmission fluid is a symptom of a larger problem. Your transmission is a closed system, meaning your low transmission fluid must mean your transmission either has a leak or is burning fluid. Both should be diagnosed by a transmission expert to avoid any further damage.

Bring Your Car to a Transmission Expert for an Inspection

The final and most important step to take after your transmission light comes on is to make an appointment with a trusted mechanic to have your transmission inspected. While there are ways you can help prevent further damage to your transmission, only a trained mechanic can properly diagnose and carry out necessary transmission repairs to get your car safely back on the road. The longer you wait to have a transmission repair taken care of, the more you risk increasingly serious repairs.

Transmission Repairs are Notoriously Tricky, So You Want a Mechanic You Can Trust

Any time you’re dealing with a transmission problem, it can require a complex diagnostic process to find any parts of your transmission that are malfunctioning or have failed. You want to have a mechanic who’s well-trained and experienced with transmissions of all types, like the expert mechanics at your local AAMCO in Boardman, OH. Bringing your car to a less-experienced mechanic can result in more expense and potential failure to properly repair your transmission.

Trust the Transmission Experts at AAMCO Boardman

There’s no place better to bring your car than to the transmission experts at your AAMCO Boardman location. With decades of experience working on transmissions of all types, you can trust that we’ll accurately diagnose any necessary repairs. You won’t have to worry about whether your transmission might run into more problems after you leave our auto repair shops. Schedule your appointment online today!

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