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Brake Service and Repair Services

Your brake system is one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle, and regular brake checks and maintenance are critical to keeping this system working effectively; an unexpected failure of your brake system could result in injury or death. Did you know that in addition to oil changes and transmission fluid changes, AAMCO also does brake inspection and repair? The professionals at AAMCO understand brake repair and service. Our specialists will always ensure that you leave our center with peace of mind and fully-functioning brakes.

If you notice any of the following, you may be experiencing brake problems that are putting you and your family at risk:

  • Squealing
  • Grinding
  • Noises when you apply the brakes
  • A brake pedal that is depressed completely to the floor
  • Low or dirty brake fluid
  • Brake warning lights

Brake Repairs Made Easy

Regular brake checks with your local AAMCO in Boardman, OH, will keep your brake system in good working order, prevent costly repairs, save you money, and, most importantly, keep you safe. Our skilled mechanics will thoroughly check your entire brake system including:

  • Pads and shoes
  • Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Rotors and drums
  • Calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Brake hardware
  • Hoses and lines
  • Master cylinder
  • Anti-lock system

Brake Repair Services

If our mechanics find any problems, we offer extensive brake repair services including:

  • Replacing worn pads and shoes
  • Lubricating components
  • Resurfacing drums and rotors
  • Replacing wheel bearings
  • Replacing fluids
  • Adjusting the parking brake
  • Replacing any components for wear as needed
  • Road testing to ensure brakes are functioning properly

All of our brake services are backed by our nationwide warranty. If your brakes are acting up – don’t wait, bring your car into your local AAMCO location today.



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